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See Barbara & Bo at Arrivederci

Join Bo and Barbara at Arrivederci in Milwaukie for BBD3, a trio with Dennis Caiazza, specialty shows with local singers, as well as Vocal Showcases, featuring our workshop students.  

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See Barbara & Bo at Tony Starlight's Showroom

Bo & Babbs can frequently be found featured in several shows at the Tony Starlight Showroom, including Neil Diamond Tribute, AM Gold Seventies Soft Rock, Elton John Tribute, Burt Bacharach Tribute, and of course the best holiday show in town, It's a Tony Starlight Christmas (pictured).


Playing the songs of our lives…

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Piano Bar

Bo reigns over an old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness, Piano Bar at Arrivederci Wine and Jazz Bar at least two Wednesdays per month.

View the calendar for upcoming Piano Bar performances.

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